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Our Mission

Help4FoodPantries is a non-profit who's goal is to create and manage a variety of programs to assist various Food Pantries in the Columbus area to help even more people than they are helping today.
One in six Americans are food insecure, meaning that they cannot presently maintain their recommended daily food requirement.
This is more than 50 million Americans, according to a 2009 study by the US Department of Agriculture.
This includes, one in four children.
Our hope is to make a small difference in this crisis in our country.

A Little Background

My name is William Bailey. I work as an Application Architect in Ohio. My fiancé's name is Carol Whitmer. She is a Program Manager for a Non-Profit organization in Ohio.
Around Thanksgiving of 2009 we wanted to give a little back to our community. We found out which food pantries were local to me and picked one out.
We went to visit them and asked them what they needed and they told us "Anything that you can give is appreciated".(By the way that isn't exactly true. There are things that they can use more than others but because they are grateful for any help they can get they have a tendency not to say anything).
We hopped into my truck and went shopping. We spent approximately $50 dollars that week.
This started out as a Thanksgiving week thing but something changed when we got back to the Food Pantry.
When I saw the amount of people at their doors waiting for any sort of help they could get I realized just how truly fortunate and blessed that we were. I saw the sort of people that you'd never expect to see there needing help and that truly moved me.
Tomorrow that could be me out there. I guess I never really stopped to think of how close to home this problem was or just how widespread it is.
I made a decision right then and there. If I can afford to help then it's my obligation to do so. No one deserves, or asks, to go to be hungry. If I can do anything at all to help even 5 people have a decent meal then it's my duty to help my fellow human being.
Since that time we have gone out almost every weekend to help ensure that more and more people can have a decent meal.
We are up to around $75 to $100 a week now. The thing that Carol helped me realize was that coupons can allow us to purchase more for the same money, and as a result help that many more people.
This is the reason that Help 4 Food Pantries came to be.
Please look at our Programs Page to see what we are doing now to help our Adopted Food Pantry and where we are heading in the near future.
I encourage all who are reading this to look around your own communities and you will see that there are people everywhere that can use a helping hand. Why not make it yours ?